Introducing our NEW BX Kids in Motion program

BX Kids in Motion program

The BX Kids in Motion program uses physical fitness, nutrition information and measurement of weight and body mass index to address juvenile obesity for youth ages 5-16. We use outdoor and indoor activity to keep youth physically active to assist in ensuring weight control and weight loss.  Read More


Welcome to the North Bronx Youth Sports, Inc.
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We are a non-profit organization dedicated to providing the youth of the Bronx, Westchester and Yonkers the opportunity to participate in various sports related activities. Our sports activities provide a venue for our children to learn the following important life lessons:

Teamwork. Our kids learn how to interact with one another and also learn how to work together to achieve goals and strive for success..

Health Awareness Our kids learn the importance of regular excersise and good healthy eating habits. They learn to expect more of themselves and to believe in themselves which also promotes mental health.

How to follow rules and regulations Our kids follow a strict set of rules and regulations which are designed to ensure the safety of everyone involved. All children must agree to follow the rules of safe gamesmanship.

Please support our sponsors.

Although we do manage to help hundreds of kids every year to stay active by participating in healthy sports activities through the special sales, team fees and various donations from generous people in this community, we would still not be able to exist, and continue our fine work if not for terrific sponsors such as Fairway Supermarkets.

Fairway Supermarket has stepped in and helped us with important sponsorships at special events and we would like to send them a hearty thank you, from us, the committee, our members and from all of our kids. Thank you Fairway!