About NBYSA:

About Us

The North Bronx Youth Sports Association, Inc. is a not for profit 501(c)3 corporation that was developed to provide opportunities for youth residing in the Bronx to learn the skills and fundamentals of scholarship offering sports, as well as to provide a quality organized youth sports program for area youth. Our programs include the North Bronx Cowboys Youth Football and Cheerleading and North Bronx Soccer Club.

The North Bronx Cowboys Youth Football Club provides an age and weight restricted Football and Cheerleading program for area youth. The age structure for Football is 5-14 years old with a weight structure up to age 11 and unlimited weight up to age 14. The program is open to all youth residing in the Bronx and New York City.

Our long term goal is todevelop an array of youth sport opportunities that will lead to increased scholarships for the youth in our community. The sports that we will offer all provide scholarship opportunities that are being lost onthe youthof the Bronx since they do not have the exposure to these sportsat a young age in comparison to their suburban neighbors in Westchester and Long Island and upstate New York.

Youth in our area are also becoming afflicted with more diseases that are directly related to their lack of physical activity including high blood pressure, diabetes, poor nutrition habits, obesity, etc. By participating in sports at a young age and staying with it for a portion or all of their lives our youth will learn the benefits of physical conditioning and staying physically active as well as learning to live a healthy lifestyle. These benefits will last with them for a lifetime.